Cultivating a Repair Mindset Toolkit

The Repair Mindset Toolkit, which was developed and tested by educators, includes teaching and learning strategies, tactics, and classroom materials designed to develop students’ Repair Mindset. The toolkit presents new approaches to thinking routines, invites and complements discussions of the environment (e.g., Circular Economy), economics (e.g., extractive capitalism), politics (Right to Repair), ethics (e.g., social inequities, income gap), and more. All resources shared here are included in the Cultivating a Repair Mindset Toolkit; they are also provided separately for your convenience.


2 responses to “Cultivating a Repair Mindset Toolkit”

  1. Emily Cox Avatar

    The Sister Scene Creative Justice Community is interested in translating your educational environment toolkit into our cross-cultural community building work. Could we plan to discuss possible applications and ideas and suggestions for multigenerational adults to be active in this praxis?

    1. Donaldo Almazan Avatar
      Donaldo Almazan

      Hi Emily, you are welcome to adapt this toolkit! This work was built under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license, feel free to share out how you’ve applied/improved this resource for your community work.

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