Introducing: MakerSphere!

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During the five years that our Maker Corps program ran, we learned a lot! The program evolved each year to meet the ever-changing needs of maker educators across the country, and now, we’re excited to be launching a pilot year of MakerSphere, new effort that takes into account all that we’ve discovered.
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Maker Corps 2017 is here!

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Introducing Our Network of Maker Corps Rockstars! A small microscope made out of wood and saved for decades. Memories of working in Grandma’s craft store. A tale of hoarding a favorite children’s book in the library makerspace to keep it out of circulation (and then getting a tattoo of the protagonist!). Toilet paper rolls that change […]

Introducing Maker Corps 2017

Applications for our Maker Corps program are open until January 23rd, 2017. This online professional development program provides training and a community of support to youth-serving organizations as they design and implement summer maker education programming. As Maker Corps heads into its 5th year, we’re continuing to make improvements and changes based on feedback from our amazing […]