Introducing: MakerSphere!

During the five years that our Maker Corps program ran, we learned a lot! The program evolved each year to meet the ever-changing needs of maker educators across the country, and now, we’re excited to be launching a pilot year of MakerSphere, new effort that takes into account all that we’ve discovered.

With MakerSphere we’re really digging into the model of hybrid engagement: blending in-person workshops with online and virtual work. The program is still centered around community-based summer work, but this time around we’re working with a regional model (several sites in the same geographical region) to see how we might help build up strong networks of maker education. Next week we’re off to Denver, CO and Austin, TX to facilitate our first round of pilot workshops — we’ll make sure to report back!

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Participants in this year’s pilot effort are:

There’s such rich, embedded, and sustained work happening all over the country, and we continue to be excited to learn from our partners, deepen relationships, and connect people across the board. In 2019, we plan to take this pilot to scale with more regions! Stay tuned!


Maker Ed’s work wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors. Thank you to Cognizant for funding the MakerSphere pilot! 






2 responses to “Introducing: MakerSphere!”

  1. Lauren Siegel Avatar

    I was just reading about MakerSphere and was interested to see you’ll be where we are — Austin TX.

    We are a non-profit working to get more Math in STEM Programming as well as in other non-STEM places. Much of what we do is centered on making math models, exhibits and interactives. If you’ve got any time to chat or are interested in the Math aspect please let me know.
    Lauren Siegel
    The link takes you right to our blog where you can see some recent projects.

    1. kbarthelow Avatar

      Hi Lauren!

      Your organization looks really great! It was a quick trip for MakerSphere, but we’ll be back in a couple of weeks for SXSWedu and are hosting a maker educator meet up we’d love to see you at. It will take place Tuesday March 6 from 6pm-8pm. The location is still being confirmed, but we have a facebook event where you can stay up to date on details.

      Hope to see you there!

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