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  • 10 Years of Learning: A Maker Ed Reflection

    10 Years of Learning: A Maker Ed Reflection

    This post is to the community of dreamers, visionaries, and educators committed to using making as a liberatory practice in education. It’s for the people we have worked with to […]

  • Meet Donaldo Almazan – Artist and Engineer Designing Maker Ed’s Online Community

    Meet Donaldo Almazan – Artist and Engineer Designing Maker Ed’s Online Community

    In this post, we meet Donaldo Almazan (he/him), an artist and engineer helping to create Maker Ed’s online community for makers and educators, which is launching this summer! Tell us […]

  • We’re here,  just slowing down our  posting frequency.

    We’re here, just slowing down our posting frequency.

    The past two years have been challenging and transformative at Maker Ed. We’ve made internal shifts in our practice, adapted our trainings, resources, and programs to respond to the changing […]

  • Addressing white terrorism and anti-Asian hate

    We are writing with broken hearts after eight individuals, six of whom were Asian women, were slain after another devastating event of white supremacy and white male rage in Atlanta […]

  • Maker Education can (and must) meet this moment

    Education is a political space, and it is dangerous to think of education as neutral. The transition into 2021 did not cure a global pandemic, deep racial injustice in America, […]

  • Statement from Our Executive Director in Support of Black Lives and Police-Free Schools

    Power, white supremacy, and capitalism are used to actively neglect, oppress, and murder Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). I stand in solidarity with the organizers of Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives and support the direct action of revolution in the streets all around the world. The police in the United States were created to hunt down, arrest, and maintain control over formerly enslaved Black people. This legacy cannot be forgotten in the wake of the murders of Ahmaud Arbery (Georgia), Breonna Taylor (Kentucky), George Floyd (Minnesota), Tony McDade (Florida) and the countless other Black people that have been killed due to racist police violence and white vigilantism. Read more…

  • What’s Next? When Learning Isn’t as Usual

    What’s Next? When Learning Isn’t as Usual

    Our mission is to transform teaching and learning, so what happens when the educators we serve are asked to facilitate remote learning with no notice? Or when parents are suddenly expected to provide engaging learning experiences while also juggling work, loss of income, anxiety, and uncertainty? The public health crisis unfolding around COVID-19 has caused an atmosphere of stress, uncertainty, and fear in all of us. While emergency responses like school and shelter-in-place measures are necessary to keep communities healthy, they will also have a disproportionate impact on those who already struggle to make ends meet. This crisis has exposed what we’ve known for years: that there are deep-seated structural inequities in our education systems. Read more…

  • An Update on COVID-19 and Maker Ed’s Programming

    Like many of you, we at Maker Ed have been monitoring the recent developments around the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. We are monitoring local public health recommendations (from the California State Department of Public Health, Alameda County Public Health Department, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) about group gatherings and assessing the situation on a daily basis.  While at present, no Maker Ed staff is directly affected by the coronavirus, we are taking some precautionary measures to protect the health of our employees and to support our community in following social distancing recommendations. Here are some of the decisions we have made that immediately affect our work: Read more…

  • A Note on the Closure of Maker Media

    We’ve heard the news too, and our thoughts go out to our friends and colleagues at Maker Media. Make: Magazine and Maker Faires have worked hard to shine a light on making, tinkering, and the DIY ethos for a wider audience over the last decade, and we are sad to hear that they have halted operations. Read more…

  • We’re Moving! Introducing Our New East Bay Home

    We’re Moving! Introducing Our New East Bay Home

    This December, the Maker Ed team will be moving to a new location in the East Bay, which will serve as a destination maker-centered training center and event space! We envision a place where we can continue to test and iterate on our learning, deepen our own practice, train and convene educators, and build a validated, professional field for maker education together. Read more…