Maker Corps 2017 is here!

Introducing Our Network of
Maker Corps Rockstars!


A small microscope made out of wood and saved for decades. Memories of working in Grandma’s craft store. A tale of hoarding a favorite children’s book in the library makerspace to keep it out of circulation (and then getting a tattoo of the protagonist!). Toilet paper rolls that change the world. This is just a snapshot of what was shared at our first series of meetings among leadership at our 43 partner sites stemming from 22 states and four countries. Maker Corps 2017 is officially up and running!

Entering our fifth year of Maker Corps, we are really excited by the growing diversity of sites represented in the program, and the many ways they engage their communities in making. Not only do our partners come from all over, we have a wonderful mix of institution types ranging from libraries to museums to fab labs to creative reuse organizations to universities and so much more! During our first meeting—in the spirit of making—we hand drew maps and had leadership at our partner sites plot in green where they’re located and in blue a person, event, or moment that inspired them in their making journey. We’re proud of the awesome network we’re building this year! Stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear more in depth about each site. Here’s to a season filled with building connections, learning from young people, and impacting communities around the world!
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(Africa, the continent, is obviously actually much, much larger than the United States. Please excuse the rudimentary drawings and lack of scale!)

Head on over to the Partners section of our website to see a complete list of Maker Corps 2017 partners, and a more sophisticated map.







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