Meet Zahra Syed – Weaving Light into Making

In this post, we meet Zahra Syed, She/Her, and she is Maker Ed’s Operations Manager.

Tell us a little more about you.

Hi! I am Zahra. Telling stories, relationships and scrappy making are my positive obsessions. I love sharing food with family and community (my people) and indulging in joyful, fun, leisurely conversations. I love talking about our children, about parenting and education, about freedom, love, spirituality and other whacky existential esoteric abstract topics.

Laughter comes to me easily and I love that about myself.

My creative work is usually rendered in writing, photography and food and is driven by my internal process – my reflections on, love for and questions about life and our collective human story.

Favorites: futuristic fiction and my spunky kid.

Working to dismantle internalized patriarchy, colonialism and all that other junk. Always.

What’s one thing about yourself that you think is important for others to know?

I like to listen and hold space when people want to sound off ideas, receive support or just plain chat. My door is open.

What excites you the most about your work?

My work answers this question: how can we make work more effective and life more joyful? It allows me to listen and think and write and strategize and build beautiful things and connect with people deeply in the process. It’s too much fun.

Why do you make?

In my spiritual tradition it is believed that you weave your light into the things you make. I make because of an intrinsic, intuitive call – an urge to follow my curiosity, to explore, to express my creative spirit, to make life better and to tell my story.

What dreams do you have for young people?

A habitable Earth, a sense of belonging, equity in resources, joy in being alive and space to express themselves authentically.

If you could share one word of advice to give to other educators, what would it be?

Model curiosity and play.

Are there other makers and/or educators in your community whose work you’d like to promote?

My community is spread across the county and the world. Here are some of my favorite creators, educators and community builders, along with their instagram handles.

Nizam Khan – nizam.salarzai
Anum Awan – @anumawan
Fati Film – @fatifilm
Rhamis Kent – @new.maroon.getaway


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