Meet Amanda! – or – How to Break a Christmas Gift in Record Time

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One Christmas, I received the gift of my (then) dreams:  a see-through alarm clock!  I was always curious about what made things work and how they were assembled — and this clock was a perfect work of art!  With its different colored gears and hard exterior just begging to be cracked open, it was a […]

Introducing Tiffany Y’vonne, Maker Ed’s New Program Manager

  Greetings Maker Ed Community and Visitors- It is a pleasure to introduce myself by letter and make your acquaintance. My gathered thoughts are snippets I send to you––a nod to the passing art of letter writing––for the personal note of which I strive in community. Consider this a personal invite to my mind of […]

Who is Jeremy…

Hello Maker World, I’m Jeremy, the “middle child” of the three new staff members of the Maker Ed Family.  I am truly happy to be joining Maker Ed as the first VISTA Leader.  You may be thinking, what’s a VISTA?  Good question!  AmeriCorps VISTAs are individuals dedicated to eliminating poverty within the United States.  We […]

Introduction to Stephanie Chang

Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie Chang, and I have the honor of being Maker Ed’s Director of Youth Engagement. I also have a confession to make: I am 4-5 months late writing this introduction because I got caught up in everything wonderful happening at Maker Ed, and like any project – whether a wooden desk, a […]