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  • CSUSM STEM Center

    CSUSM STEM Center

    Similar to his Maker VISTA colleague Jamera Jones in Atlanta, Maker VISTA member Alvin Heido has come up against some promotion- and buy-in building obstacles in his work at CSUSM […]

  • Salmon Public Library

    Salmon Public Library

    January at Salmon Public Library was a big month for middle schoolers. Amidst adults-versus-kids dodgeball games (totally fair) and discovering that, 13 years later, Panic! At The Disco is still […]

  • Lighthouse/ Lodestar

    Lighthouse/ Lodestar

    For the culmination of a month-long 3rd and 4th grade expedition on Natural Occurrences, Maker VISTA member Anna Grossi developed making projects based on Housing and Civil Engineering. Along with […]

  • ReCreate


    ReCreate’s mission for the new year is to engage participating families, students, and teachers and build stronger connections. Maker VISTA member Trina Lafata thought working with students from ReCreate’s after-school […]

  • San Fernando Middle School

    San Fernando Middle School

    One of the goals of the Maker Education elective class at San Fernando Middle School this year was to get students involved in composting. Maker VISTA members Lyna Abal and […]

  • STE(A)M Truck

    STE(A)M Truck

    At STE(A)M Truck in Atlanta, Maker VISTA member Jamera Jones has been in the throes of building an internship program from the ground up. To ensure that the organization obtains […]

  • Drew Charter

    Drew Charter

    In January, Maker VISTA member Khalil Pettway helped facilitate a Maker Night for the Drew Charter School’s Elementary Academy. For the Maker Night, Khalil and staff members guided students and parents […]

  • Grass Valley

    Grass Valley

    In the final days of 2017, students, educators, and the Maker VISTA members of Grass Valley Elementary School in Oakland celebrated the culmination of their first-semester maker-centered learning unit with […]

  • Drew Charter

    Drew Charter

    The last months of 2017 were booming at Drew Charter School in Atlanta, capping off a first school semester that found Maker VISTA member Khalil Pettway facing challenges many maker […]

  • STE(A)M Truck

    STE(A)M Truck

    As 2017 came to an end, Maker VISTA members Jamera Jones and Lauren Schramm worked towards strengthening their own maker skills, supporting program implementation, and exploring inventory management. Keeping storage space […]