Drew Charter

The last months of 2017 were booming at Drew Charter School in Atlanta, capping off a first school semester that found Maker VISTA member Khalil Pettway facing challenges many maker educators face: enough work and responsibilities for at least two people, being done by one. For Khalil, making as the year wrapped up was less about projects and more about mindset and balance (or, the quest for balance). As Drew’s Junior Academy students prepared for their PBL showcase, more teachers than ever requested STEAM Trunks for their classrooms, so that students could create and develop their projects. Though this is a huge accomplishment, it meant Khalil had to work double-time to make reservations, transport trunks across campuses, and keep materials stocked and in shape. At times, the progress felt like an obstacle itself — a reality that many makers and facilitators face often, and speak of less often. Ultimately, Khalil entered the holiday break a) relieved and b) feeling like he’d made at least some of the impossible, possible.

Three essential tools or resources for Maker VISTA member Khalil this month:

  1. Support from site supervisor, Courtney Bryant
  2. Encouragement from teachers
  3. Sticky note reminders







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