STE(A)M Truck

At STE(A)M Truck in Atlanta, Maker VISTA member Jamera Jones has been in the throes of building an internship program from the ground up. To ensure that the organization obtains best-fit interns, Jamera began her process by building relationships with nearby colleges and universities, including Georgia State University, Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Emory University. Perhaps inevitably, Jamera ran-up against some communication barriers in this early stage of the process, finding it necessary to visit offices and contact people in-person in order to nail down a response and effectively forge connections. However, by applying diligence and elbow-grease in these kinds of efforts (as so many makers and service members must do), slowly Jamera has been able to get the information and buy-in she needs to be able to post, recruit, and engage interns in the program. With this aspect underway, she can start to research and generate a playbook for on-boarding and maintaining interns, as well as defining roles and responsibilities for future team members. While frequently challenging, the project and Jamera’s efforts will undoubtedly contribute to STE(A)M Truck’s sustainability and growth.

Three adjectives or adverbs that describe making at STE(A)M Truck this month:

  1. Imaginative
  2. Collaborative
  3. Enjoyable







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