STE(A)M Truck

As 2017 came to an end, Maker VISTA members Jamera Jones and Lauren Schramm worked towards strengthening their own maker skills, supporting program implementation, and exploring inventory management.

Keeping storage space organized and supplies stocked has been an ongoing challenge at STE(A)M Truck, as with so many makerspaces or mobile making set-ups. The combination of limited space and a super busy programming schedule made for constant struggles to source and access tools, equipment, and materials. The VISTA team set to work researching inventory apps for methods and strategies that were not only functional but affordable. Their efforts resulted in the selection of an app that was free, compatible with staff phones, efficient to use, and featured an option to create “pick lists” to streamline stocking up for programming needs. These lists will signal to staff members what and where exactly items can be found in storage. And! A third storage container was added to the mix, in the hopes of creating more room and mobility.

Three essential tools or resources for the Maker VISTA crew at STE(A)M Truck this month:

  1. Decatur Makers — our local makerspace and valued thought partner!
  2. Scroll saws
  3. Safety glasses







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