Ask a Maker Educator – Beyond the Buzzwords, Equity & Diversity in Making


In this Ask a Maker Educator conversation, we use storytelling and discussion to explore the ways in which making can excite and empower traditionally underserved populations. We show what equity-minded maker education looks like in action, and provide guidance for educators looking for ways to authentically engage all members of their community through making. Read more…

Ask a Maker Educator – Problem-Based Science

Christa Flores is the author of Making Science, “a book about constructionism, science literacy and making the world a better place.” In 2012, Flores co-founded the Hillbrook School iLab for Making, a classroom designed for material and digital making in Los Gatos, California. She teaches Problem-based Science with an emphasis on material science, design thinking, […]

Ask a Maker Educator – Administrator Edition


With principals Gina Silveira and Melissa Becker Melissa Becker, Principal at Meadow Elementary School, received the Petaluma Community Award for Excellence in Education in May 2014 for her charismatic leadership. She created the first elementary makerspace in Northern CA for students and strives to provide a progressive learning environment for all children. Gina Silveira is […]