Ask a Maker Educator – Beyond the Buzzwords, Equity & Diversity in Making

This month, as our Ask a Maker Educator video, we are very excited to share a webinar that Maker Ed co-produced with Educator Innovator as part of their CLTV series.

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In this conversation, we will use storytelling and discussion to explore the ways in which making can excite and empower traditionally underserved populations. We hope to show what equity-minded maker education looks like in action, and provide guidance for educators looking for ways to authentically engage all members of their community through making.

Guests for this webinar included:

  • Danny Kirk (host), Education Community Coordinator, Maker Ed
  • Kennan Scott, PLTW Engineering Teacher at Oakland Unified School District, Founder, CODEd Academy
  • Paula Mitchell, Teacher on Special Assignment for Maker Centered learning, Grass Valley Elementary School
  • David Clifford, Founder & Chief Catalyst, Design School X
  • Suzette Duncan, Maker Educator
  • Roxanne Martinez, Resource Specialist, Grass Valley Elementary School







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