Ask a Maker Educator – Beyond the Buzzwords, Equity & Diversity in Making

This month, as our Ask a Maker Educator video, we are very excited to share a webinar that Maker Ed co-produced with Educator Innovator as part of their CLTV series.

In this conversation, we will use storytelling and discussion to explore the ways in which making can excite and empower traditionally underserved populations. We hope to show what equity-minded maker education looks like in action, and provide guidance for educators looking for ways to authentically engage all members of their community through making.

Guests for this webinar included:

  • Danny Kirk (host), Education Community Coordinator, Maker Ed
  • Kennan Scott, PLTW Engineering Teacher at Oakland Unified School District, Founder, CODEd Academy
  • Paula Mitchell, Teacher on Special Assignment for Maker Centered learning, Grass Valley Elementary School
  • David Clifford, Founder & Chief Catalyst, Design School X
  • Suzette Duncan, Maker Educator
  • Roxanne Martinez, Resource Specialist, Grass Valley Elementary School

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