Ask a Maker Educator – Design With Purpose

AAMEWe are so excited to be launching our second season of Ask a Maker Educator! For season two, we’re going to be making some exciting changes to the series’ format that we think will give you more opportunities to connect with our amazing guests, ask them your burning questions, and see how making is impacting learners across the country.

This season, the series is going to be switching away from the live stream format, and going from every two weeks, to once a month. Instead of live videos, we will release pre-recorded sessions (same style/format as current sessions) about halfway through the month. Leading up to the video’s release, we will share amazing all kinds of exciting questions, content, prompts, and ideas relating to the month’s Ask a Maker Educator topic.

At the end of the month, we will invite our Ask a Maker Educator guest to join us for a live Twitter chat during which we invite the whole community to come together to discuss the video and any questions it brought up live with the guest.

We’re thrilled to launch this new format with Maggie Muldoon from Mouse in New York. Maggie joined us to discuss the design process and her Design With Purpose course. We hope you enjoy, and we invite you to join us on August 30th for a live Twitter chat with Maggie (@maggiemuldoon).

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