Drew Charter

2018-01 DC

The last months of 2017 were booming at Drew Charter School in Atlanta, capping off a first school semester that found Maker VISTA member Khalil Pettway facing challenges many maker educators face: enough work and responsibilities for at least two people, being done by one. For Khalil, making as the year wrapped up was less […]

STE(A)M Truck

2018-01 ST

As 2017 came to an end, Maker VISTA members Jamera Jones and Lauren Schramm worked towards strengthening their own maker skills, supporting program implementation, and exploring inventory management. Keeping storage space organized and supplies stocked has been an ongoing challenge at STE(A)M Truck, as with so many makerspaces or mobile making set-ups. The combination of limited […]

San Fernando Middle School

2018-1 SFMS 2

San Fernando Middle School’s Maker VISTA members Carey Habiger and Lyna Abal were heads-down and knee-deep working on a major grant application submission in December 2017. As the year was winding down, this VISTA team and their supervisor Toutoule Ntoya were ramping up their efforts to obtain a Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG) from […]

Lighthouse/ Lodestar

2018-1 LCSD

By December 2017, Maker VISTA member Claire Tiffany-Appleton was able to see the Lodestar Lab Makerspace come to life. At the start of the school year, this space was a once-per-week pop-up in the Learning Lab led by Ms. Ortiz, one of the Making, Art, & Design teachers. In that iteration, the Lab did not […]

Salmon Public Library

2018-1 SPL 2

A lot of hard work came to fruition at the Salmon Public Library before the close of 2017, as the Maker VISTAs delved deeper into longer-term projects. Steadfast in her mission to get maker education into local preschools, this past month Maker VISTA member Francesca Bessey invited Salmon’s early childhood educators to join her for […]


2018-1 RC

Before the close of 2017, Maker VISTA member Trina Lafata devoted time and thought to managing youth volunteers, and in general, attempting to identify ways to bolster interest, investment and follow-through from volunteers over time. In the summer of 2017, ReCreate launched their first Maker Ambassadors program, wherein high school students served as volunteers and […]


C4K _Nov

This past month, a significant project spearheaded by outgoing Maker VISTA member Blair McAvoy excitingly came to fruition. This project originally started as a summer camp in June 2017, during which Blair facilitated a partnership between C4K and UVA Engineering’s Technology Leaders Program and UVA’s Brown College (which puts on a huge, famous haunted house […]

STE(A)M Truck

ST 4_Nov (2)

As part of STE(A)M Truck’s presence at recent Maker Faire Atlanta, Maker VISTA members Lauren Schramm and Jamera Jones created an interactive mosaic that would invite attendees to contribute their own unique piece. With community engagement and community building set as primary goals, community-created art seemed like a natural vehicle and vessel. Lauren created a […]

Lighthouse/ Lodestar


On October 22, Maker VISTA members Anna Grossi and Claire Tiffany-Appleton participated in the East Bay Mini Maker Faire (EBMMF) at Park Day School in Oakland. The EBMMF is a yearly daylong event organized by parents, makers, and educators in the East Bay, and draws large crowds of makers, innovators, and curious minds. The Maker […]