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  • The Maker Educator Assessment Rubric

    The Maker Educator Assessment Rubric

    This rubric is designed for educators to identify where they are within stages of development along four categories of pedagogy: Goals, Planning Activities & Lessons, Planning Learning Progressions, Facilitation, and […]

    Maker Ed
  • Stakeholder Cards

    Stakeholder Cards

    Use these stakeholder cards to identify specific people or entities your community you know or would like to reach out to.

    Maker Ed
  • Open Portfolio Journey Map

    Open Portfolio Journey Map

    What’s involved in creating an open portfolio? This overview helps to situate all the pieces to consider, whether it’s the practical actions needed to document learning or bigger questions related […]

    Maker Ed
  • From the Creators of Learning in the Making: Live!

    From the Creators of Learning in the Making: Live!

    In this essay, Dora Medrano Ramos and Linda Le share why they created Learning in the Making, an online video series that serves as a powerful response to the persistent […]

    Maker Ed
  • Documentation Prompt Jar

    Documentation Prompt Jar

    This collection of adaptable documentation prompts supports learners to capture their work, process, and experience while making and learning.

    Maker Ed
  • Culturally Responsive Continuous Improvement

    Culturally Responsive Continuous Improvement

    In this article, High Tech High GSE’s Director of Liberation, Dr. Michelle Pledger, describes how she is turning continuous improvement into an instrument of liberation.

    hth unboxed
  • Diversify Your Narrative Lesson Plans

    Diversify Your Narrative Lesson Plans

    This virtual library offers standards-aligned lesson plans aimed at incorporating BIPOC voices and building anti-racist classrooms.

    Diversify Your Narrative
  • Project Zero’s Thinking Routine Toolbox

    Project Zero’s Thinking Routine Toolbox

    A thinking routine is a set of questions or a brief sequence of steps used to scaffold and support student thinking. This toolbox highlights Thinking Routines developed across a number […]

    Project Zero @ Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Maker Project Rubric

    Maker Project Rubric

    This rubric is a simple way to assess the progress and growth of a student maker.

    Digital Harbor Foundation
  • Looking at Student Work: Suggested Practices

    These suggested practices for looking at Maker-Centered Learning integrate a collaborative documentation practice.

    Agency by Design