Category: Maker Ed Staff

  • Introducing Briana Flin: Newest Member of the Maker Ed Team

      Hello everyone! My name is Briana Flin, and I’m Maker Ed’s office assistant and the newest member of the team. I’ve been here now for nearly two months, so […]

  • Who is Jeremy…

    Hello Maker World, I’m Jeremy, the “middle child” of the three new staff members of the Maker Ed Family.  I am truly happy to be joining Maker Ed as the […]

  • Introducing Nancy Rink, Program Coordinator at Maker Ed

    Hi Everyone! I’m Nancy, the newest new member of the Maker Ed team. I’m so happy to be the Program Coordinator here – because it means I get to do […]

  • Introduction to Stephanie Chang

    Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie Chang, and I have the honor of being Maker Ed’s Director of Youth Engagement. I also have a confession to make: I am 4-5 months late […]

  • Introducing Lisa Regalla, Maker Ed Program Director

    At the heart of the Maker Movement are the makers themselves. As I visit makerspaces and Maker Faires, the creativity, generosity, and optimism of the makers that I meet is […]

  • Making is Learning

    May 17, 2012, by Dale Dougherty To build, to make, to create is something that’s in all of us, but especially in every child. However, like creativity itself, children need […]