Topic: 2D Design

  • Learning in the Making: Stamps & Patterns

    Learning in the Making: Stamps & Patterns

    Learn to make stamps in order to create and explore patterns with this activity video and project guide.

    Maker Ed
  • Water Mapping

    Water Mapping

    This activity plan draws on Indigenous observation practices to explore and map all the places water lives around you, where it comes from, where it travels to, and what other […]

    Indigenous STEAM
  • Ethnomath: Geometric Rotations

    Ethnomath: Geometric Rotations

    In this lesson plan, learners will learn about rotations, identify them in Ugandan and African baskets, and practice drawing a transformed figure.

  • TinkerCad Education

    TinkerCad Education

    Tinkercad, an easy-to-use web app for design, offers standards-aligned lesson plans across all subjects.