Seeking Young Makers 2015 Bay Area Regional Coordinators

Young Makers projectMaker Ed is delighted to announce new opportunities related to our Young Makers program for 2015!

As in past years, the Young Makers program brings together youth with adult and teen mentors who, together, create a youth-driven project for exhibition at a showcase event. Along the way, they work through challenges with both mentors and peers, learn new skills, and meet other makers with similar interests. In the Bay Area, Young Makers exhibit at Maker Faire, during which 275 youth showed off their ingenuity, hard work, creativity, and skills in 100+ projects in 2014.

For the 2015 season in the Bay Area, Maker Ed is looking to offer three $5000 grants to youth-serving organizations. This funding will be to support a Regional Coordinator, tied to the organization, for each geographical region (South Bay, East Bay, and SF/North Bay). The Regional Coordinator should be an existing employee of the organization and be able to take on additional Regional Coordinator responsibilities. To learn more and apply, the full position description and responsibilities are available at The application deadline is January 15!

With funds available to support each of the 3 Regional Coordinators to focus on communication, coordination of clubs, and logistics, Maker Ed will be developing the back-end: training of mentors and volunteers to lead and work with Young Makers, funding and partnerships with organizations and communities, and continued resource development. We’ll have some professional development workshops ready for the new year as well!

If your organization is located in the Bay Area and interested in this opportunity, please apply. Feel free to direct questions to




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