Open Portfolios: Survey of Makerspaces, Part III

RB8 thumbnail_with titleIn our newest, eighth research brief, Survey of Makerspaces, Part III, we examine the data collected from Maker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project‘s maker site survey, specifically oriented around questions of portfolio and documentation practices at the site. All sites reported on the level of importance of portfolios, their existing practices and perspectives, their reflection and feedback norms, and any perceived obstacles.

The three-part series of research briefs that reports on data from our maker site survey provides a grounding within which our work is situated. In addition to the field site visits and concrete examples of portfolios in practice, this data shows how portfolios are being used, their importance in relation to learning, skill development, and assessment, and the unique affordances of portfolios in revealing student ability and identity.

Read up on Maker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project though our blog series, as well as the entire research brief series. Check out recent Open Portfolio webinars, hosted by Educator Innovator, too!

The Open Portfolio Project is in collaboration with Indiana University’s Creativity Labs and is generously supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.



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