Open Portfolios: Survey of Makerspaces, Part II

RB7 thumbnail_with titleMaker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project‘s maker site survey was intended to gain a better understanding of the landscape of maker programs and makerspaces, specifically around their portfolio practices and goals. Our sixth research brief, Survey of Makerspaces, Part I, provides an overview of the surveyed educational spaces, including information on whom they serve and their maker programming.

Our seventh and newest research brief, Survey of Makerspaces, Part II, is the second of three briefs dedicated to the analysis of the maker site survey. This research briefs dives into how these sites — and the programs they offer — align themselves with national educational initiatives, including connections to Next Generation Science Standards’ Science and Engineering Practices and 21st Century Skills. The findings are remarkable.

Learn more about Maker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project by reading our blog series, as well as the entire research brief series, with the final 2 briefs revealed in the upcoming weeks!

The Open Portfolio Project is in collaboration with Indiana University’s Creativity Labs and is generously supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.



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One response to “Open Portfolios: Survey of Makerspaces, Part II”

  1. Jacob Johnston Avatar

    These reports are awesome and provide some great insights into the movement. I couldn’t find some of your info though.

    In “The Maker Ed Open Portfolio Project Survey of Makerspaces, Part I” you mention more info in an appendix – “See also Appendix C for a full listing of…” and it may just be me but I couldn’t for the life of me find the appendix. Where is that?

    Also, might I suggest making that info easier to find (unless it is right there and it’s just me)?

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