Open Portfolios: Maker Portfolios in Schools

RB4 thumbnail_no titleThe core team of Maker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project had the opportunity in the summer and fall of 2014 to embark on 10 exciting field site visits to youth-oriented makerspaces around the nation. We have shared a number of vignettes about these visits in our blog series, as well as a glimpse into a few sites in our research brief, The Importance of Portfolios for Makers. We highlight an additional four sites in our newest research brief: Maker Portfolios in Schools!

This brief focuses in on four unique and wonderful schools. It reveals some of the commonalities and differences noted in the portfolio practices of these traditional academic environments, all of whom are embracing new and alternate ways of learning, teaching, and assessing. There is much to be learned from their open portfolio experiences.

The entire research brief series, with more to come, is available here.

The Open Portfolio Project is in collaboration with Indiana University’s Creativity Labs and is generously supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.



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