Making and Maker Corps at the Newark Museum


By Guest Contributor Kim Robledo-Diga, Newark Museum Director for Innovation and Learning


Since its beginning, in 1909, Newark Museum has been an institution of art, science, technology and history. Within those areas the Museum has been guided by the philosophy of constructivist learning – a focus on self-guided, hands-on, and interactive learning through the use of art, science and technology tools. The philosophy behind the Makerspace at the Newark Museum is based on this notion.


Brothers engaged in watching the MakerBot Replicator print their designs.


In 2012 the Museum launched Makerspace at the Newark Museum. The Museum’s community was offered a diverse set of Makerspace programming that addresses a varied spectrum of age range and program formats. Youth and adult classes along with a during school curriculum-based program were highlights of year one.


A family delves into drawers of supplies trying to find the perfect set of materials to create their design.
A family delves into drawers of supplies trying to find the perfect set of materials to create their design.

Makerspace at the Newark Museum invites users to “build to think” by utilizing rapid fabrication equipment and materials. Equipment and supplies range from silk screens to sewing machines; microscopes to micro-controllers; Dremel tools to DC motors; soldering to soft-circuits; and 3-D software to 3-D printing robots. Cutting-edge technology in the Makerspace is accessible, but not always required. Art, craft, science, engineering and technology form the platform for discovery, creativity and collaboration.


Anthony Rodriguez, 9th grader, Big Picture Schools designing a custom video game controller casing using 3D software. The controller was later printed in plastic using the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer.


Maker Corps is an exciting addition to maker programming at the Newark Museum. Maker Corps members will work with the Museum’s education team to showcase the nexus between art, science and technology with the Museum’s 80 galleries as a resource. Maker Corp members will deliver programs in the Museums successful six week Summer Camp, which serves 600 students ages 3-13. Maker Corp members will also drive public drop-in programs for the Museums integral family audience, which serves hundreds of families with kids ages 3-12.  In addition, the Maker Corp members will mentor the Museums teen Explorers on a special maker project they identify themselves.

Join the maker movement with the Newark Museum and help us inspire the next generation of makers.

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Maker Ed is pleased to welcome the Newark Museum as a Maker Corps Host Site. For a complete list of current Host Sites, and to apply to be a Maker Corp Member, please see our Maker Corps Page. – Steve







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