Maker Corps Meets Mozilla Hive NYC

By Leah Gilliam, Portfolio Strategist | Mozilla | Hive NYC


Mozilla Hive NYC Learning Network or Hive NYC is a city-wide idea factory and learning laboratory with a focus on openness, innovation and opportunity for youth, educators and makers. The network is a coalition of 40 non-profit organizations—libraries, museums, media clubs and after-school programs—that create experiences for youth to explore their interests, develop new skills, and create things worth sharing. Also, Hive NYC knows how to throw an awesome learning party!



Last summer, as part of Mozilla’s Summer Code Party campaign, Hive NYC hosted a wide-range of pop-ups, hack jams and skill shares where youth did everything from create aniGIFs and remix their favorite webpages to make tons of memes and tinker with web-native videos. In the process, our street squad of front-line educators transformed young makers from media and content consumers to activated producers through the introduction of HTML and CSS, basic web literacy skills and concepts like remixing, collaborative making and the value of an open web. Hive NYC Maker Corps will continue the code party tradition, receiving  special training in Mozilla’s Webmaker creativity tools, playtesting new projects and designing and earning digital badges to recognize and share their new-found skills.




This summer Maker Corps members will help teach maker skills to teens and tweens across New York’s five boroughs through public events, programs and learning parties that cover a range of youth interest areas—from art and science to social justice and fashion. Maker Corps members will be involved with the educators and makers in Hive NYC, helping to teach, make and learn through a project portfolio that includes everything from wearable and playable technologies to transmedia storytelling. Hive NYC Maker Corps members will also take part in the NYC Department of Education’s Summer Quest pilot program in the South Bronx. The program aims to combat summer learning loss by combining academic preparation with youth development.





This summer, take on the city as your makerspace—join Mozilla Hive NYC and spread the maker ethos to teens across New York City!

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Maker Ed is pleased to welcome the Mozilla Hive NYC Learning Network as a Maker Corps Host Site. For a complete list of current Maker Corps Host Sites, and to apply to be a Maker Corp Member, please see our Maker Corps Page. – Steve








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