Maker Corps at The Science Museum of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Center

By Keith Braafladt, Director, Learning Technologies Center


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The Science Museum of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Center (LTC) is very excited to be able to host Maker Corps members this summer.



LTC’s approach to education research and development melds science, technology, art, design and engineering, encouraging individual and small-group learners to play, experiment and create their own solutions to open-ended problems or projects. In the process, learners experience the joy of discovery and increased confidence in using a variety materials and tools, both low- and high-tech.

In the last year we have been adding many new design-based activities to our museum programs.



This activity is Motion Sculptures – an activity we developed using Arduino microcontrollers and servos and lights visitors play with motion and forces using a construction set for building kinetic sculptures.

With a focus on how engineering in an exhibit area we call Engineering Studio we’ve been thinking about the continuum:

Play tinker make engineer

In Engineering studio museum visitors have materials and tools that let them build their own creations that they then can try out in exhibits we think of as test-beds. Then they tinker and make changes to their idea and try it again.

These efforts combined with the growth of the Maker Movement have helped us to begin adding even more design-based and tinkering activities to our programs and have led to the creation of a volunteer group specifically focused on facilitating a range of playful activities we are trying out.


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A Maker Corp team at the Science Museum will be able to help us to research, develop, play with and share  a new range of activities with our communities. And connecting to the network of Corps member organizations will give us access to what is working in other communities and to share how we are supporting learners of all ages to gain confidence and skills through learning by doing.







Maker Ed is pleased to welcome The Science Museum of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Center as a Maker Corps Host Site. For a complete list of current Maker Corps Host Sites, and to apply to be a Maker Corp Member, please see our Maker Corps Page. – Steve
















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