Maker Corps 2015 at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts

IMG_8761 Maker Ed is excited to welcome French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts as a Maker Corps Host Site in 2015. For the third year of Maker Corps, Maker Ed will collaborate with more than forty organizations to host Maker Corps Members throughout the summer to bring maker activities and approaches to the communities that they serve.

Below is a glimpse into what Maker Corps will look like at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts in 2015.  Click here to learn more about becoming a Maker Corps Member at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts.

French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts & Maker Corps 2015:

French Woods is one of the largest training centers for the performing and visual arts for children and teenagers in the world. Our fifteen hundred campers and five hundred staff come from across the country and around the world. During our thirteen-week season both campers and staff experience a program that is totally unique in the world of camping. Each person attending French Woods has a personalized schedule of activities tailored to their interests and abilities affording each individual the opportunity to receive the most from the camp’s programs. We’ve partnered with the Maker Education Initiative to become a Maker Corps Host Site for 2015.

The Maker Corps program will extend our existing offerings at French Woods Festival in game design, trains, model cars, and rocketry, jewelry, programming, electronics, laser cutting CNC milling and more! It will also interface with our existing woodworking, leather, ceramics, tech theater, magic, and performing arts programs. In addition, our Maker Corps Members will work with teens at our new program at the French Woods Enrichment Center as we start up our programs in robotics and 3-d printing and additional technology and maker activities.

French Woods is deeply committed to the idea that children and teens grow and learn from the summer camp experience. We believe that making things with their hands teaches life-long skills that cannot be gained any other way. The Maker Corps program also values the physical and mental challenges of building things. We look forward to working with our Maker Corps Members.

French Woods is hiring maker types who want to share what they do with children. We offer: a salary; room & board; and a chance to work with some of the most gifted and creative individuals you will ever meet. Families may also be accommodated. To find out more, call us or fill out our online application.

As a summer camp, we offer a wildly diverse and artistically rich environment where prospective makers will be surrounded by magicians and artists, musicians and aerialists, jugglers and craftspeople, performers of every sort, dancers, singers, actors and athletes. In addition to living and working with kids, you will watch them perform in the literally hundreds of shows we do every summer: theater, rock, magic, dance, classical and jazz music, waterski shows, film festivals, the list goes on. Every summer we look at each other and say, “this could not happen anywhere else”. If you need more info, call or email us, we look forward to talking with you.



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