Category: Young Makers

  • Make It Your Own

    Make projects of your own design, with inspiration from others. (c) The Exploratorium

  • Collaborating Across-Generations

    For the past three years the Exploratorium has hosted monthly meetings for participants in the Young Makers Program. These meetings also included a series of events called Open MAKE that […]

  • Maker Faire: Debut Your Project Before an Audience of Thousands

    Exhibit to the 100K+ visitors who come to Maker Faire. Build projects that will inspire others to make their own cool invention.

  • Soaring to great heights: The Viper

    The Viper is a full-motion flight simulator inspired by the TV series Battlestar Galactica. It was built by five Young Makers and debuted at Bay Area Maker Faire in 2012.

  • Casey’s Arduino Hamster Ball

    Inside this autonomous hamster ball are weights that are under software control, used to guide the ball. Hamster not included, nor is it needed! in any direction.

  • Cameron’s Tesla Coil

    Cameron shares his ideas for the construction of a Tesla Coil with other Young Makers in one of the “plussing sessions”, part of each monthly meeting.

  • ANNOUNCING: Bay Area Young Makers Program for 2013

    For the past three years the monthly meetings have been hosted by the Exploratorium. Although the Exploratorium will be closed during this year’s program, we are thrilled to announce that […]