Spotlight on Electronic Textiles

Spotlight on E-textiles

“Spotlight on…” is a blog series by Maker Corps, a program of Maker Ed that provides training and a community of support to youth-serving organizations as they design and implement summer maker education programming. This series will feature a variety of topics related to making, and highlight some of our Maker Corps partners who are leaders in […]

Fulfilling the Maker Promise: Year One

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During the 2016 National Week of Making, as a part of President Obama’s Nation of Makers initiative, Digital Promise and Maker Ed announced the Maker Promise. A commitment made by school leaders, in-school and out-of-school educators, and community advocates to bringing quality making experiences to all students. By signing the Promise, individuals commit to becoming […]

Snapshots of Making: A Scrapbook of Maker VISTA Reflections

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Our Maker VISTA program focuses on overcoming poverty through maker education. This month we asked Maker VISTA members at partner sites nationwide to share feedback and reflections from their communities, giving voice and shape to the impact of Maker VISTA. Here’s a look, site by site, at how our Maker VISTA members, supervisors, and the youth and […]

Building Meaningful Connections Between Making and Culture: An Interview with Former Maker Corps Member Julie Cardenas


Julie Cardenas is an early childhood educator and former Maker Corps Member. In this post, she speaks to Maker Ed program coordinator Justin about traditional ways of making, cardboard, tape, and empowering communities. If you’re interested in becoming a Maker Corps Member, applications are currently open! You can learn more here.   Justin Boner, Maker Ed: We […]