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  • MakerEd Program Visioning Guide

    MakerEd Program Visioning Guide

    These visioning activities were created in collaboration with educators across the country during our Making Spaces program (2016-2022). This package is now available to all folx working to integrate hands-on, […]

  • The Makerspace Playbook

    The Makerspace Playbook

    Starting a makerspace can be daunting, whether it’s finding a facility and equipment, engaging community members, accessing funding, or dealing with liability, etc. The Makerspace Playbook aims to make it […]

    Maker Media and Maker Ed
  • Spaces, Tools, and Materials: Reflecting on Design Approaches

    Spaces, Tools, and Materials: Reflecting on Design Approaches

    Through this online learning module, you’ll reflect on and answer questions related storing, organizing, and maintaining tools and materials in your learning space.

    Maker Ed
  • MakerEd’s Youth Makerspace Playbook

    MakerEd’s Youth Makerspace Playbook

    This comprehensive handbook for educators in any setting offers practical suggestions on finding spaces to make, outfitting spaces with tools and materials, exploring the possible educational approaches within spaces, and […]

    Maker Ed
  • Middle school maker journey

    Middle school maker journey

    In this article, middle school teacher Kevin Jarrett reviews the manifesto, mantra, and materials necessary to make a middle school maker program from scratch.

  • MENTOR Makerspace Project: High School Makerspace Tools and Materials

    This guide includes handy lists of equipment, tools, and materials – organized by kind of space and medium of making – for kickstarting making in high school.

    MENTOR Makerspace Project