Topic: Activity Design

  • Scratch Creative Computing Curriculum

    Scratch Creative Computing Curriculum

    This Creative Computing Curriculum is a collection of ideas, strategies, and activities for an introductory creative computing experience using the Scratch programming language.

    Creative Computing Lab
  • Making (in) History: Learning by Reinvention

    In this blog post, learn about how one history teacher uses making to stretch students to think more critically and challenges them to become active designers of historical works.

  • Agency by Design: Pictures of Practice

    Agency by Design: Pictures of Practice

    These reflections from Agency by Design’s educator Fellows provide thoughtful examples of lesson planning and academic content integration.

    Agency by Design Oakland
  • d-loft STEM resources

    d-loft STEM resources STEM has produced a series of curriculum units that explore STEM through the lens of design thinking and a series of pressing global issues, including as water, energy, and […]

    d-loft STEM Learning
  • Design Squad Spinner

    Design Squad Spinner

    This interactive project library helps you find activities based on materials you already have!

    Design Squad Global