Topic: Abolitionist Teaching

  • Afrofuturism and Math Ed

    Afrofuturism and Math Ed

    In this podcast, Dr. Nathan Alexander talks about Afrofuturism, Black futurity, and how he connects these concepts to mathematics education.

    Abolition Science
  • Woke Kindergarten

    These video read alouds – created through a liberatory, abolitionist lens – ensure that kids are making connections and thinking critically about written content in ways that directly relate to […]

    Woke Kindergarten
  • Resources for Agitators

    Resources for Agitators

    A list of resources to learn about taking an abolitionist approach to teaching and learning.

    Abolitionist Teaching Network
  • Abolitionist Teaching and the Future of Our Schools

    Abolitionist Teaching and the Future of Our Schools

    This panel recording asks: “What would freedom look like in our schools? How can abolitionist educators make the most of this moment to fight for humane, liberatory, anti-racist schooling for […]

    Haymarket Books