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  • Exploring Identity through Literature

    Exploring Identity through Literature

    Join us for a hands-on workshop to explore textual lineages and their use as a tool to better understand the young learners in your life.

  • Learning in the Making: Paper Box Motion Story

    Learning in the Making: Paper Box Motion Story

    This is not your average poster-making assignment! This is the Paper Box Motion Story; a unique and interactive opportunity for students to make their learning visible using cardboard and some basic materials.

  • Learning in the Making: Visual Poetry

    Learning in the Making: Visual Poetry

    Looking for something fun to make at home? Each week we are collecting and curating resources around a topic and this week is visual poetry. Poetry is all around us—in books and magazines and in the lyrics to your favorite hip hop song. Whether written on paper or spoken out loud, poetry taps into the power of words to express feelings, communicate ideas, and tell stories. A visual poem (sometimes known as a concrete poem) is a written poem that creates a visual image that relates to its meaning. We will be using our imaginations and creativity to create different shapes with words! Here’s some inspiration to get you started. Read more…