Release of “A Practical Guide to Open Portfolios”!

opp-pgtop-thumbnailComing off the heels of a successful Open Portfolio Workshop in Pittsburgh last week, we are thrilled to announce the official release of “A Practical Guide to Open Portfolios“! A guide that’s been 10 months in the making, drawing inspiration and concrete insights from educators and researchers in K-12 and higher ed alike, the guide distills some of the best practices for documentation and portfolio creation uncovered in 3+ years of work in the field.

Our Practical Guide draws from the research findings of both phases 1 and 2, as well as the practitioner workshops that we’ve run, and pulls the information into a guide that aims to assist educators and practitioners in getting started with portfolios, as well as for those who are aiming to develop their practices further. This guide addresses areas with prompts and suggestions that help orient thinking and planning. In addition, it includes a more detailed look into the practical tools and tips that we’ve seen at field sites around the country and concludes with a description of the many workshops we’ve held with educators and practitioners, in hopes that you bring this back to your educational environment.

Check it out!

We owe many thanks to the continued generous support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, our partners with Indiana University’s Creativity Labs, and our incredible National Working Group members who have assisted and supported these efforts from the beginning.







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