STE(A)M Truck

At STE(A)M Truck in Atlanta, GA, Maker VISTA members Jamera Jones and Lauren Schramm were thrown into the maker experience right away – and things have not not gotten dull yet! Their first major project involved planning and supporting the organization’s largest fundraising event, a gala to take place the first week October. Jamera and Lauren conducted outreach of all kinds to local businesses, organizations and individuals, and have so far successfully solicited over $3,600 worth of in-kind donations for the gala.

As with the start of many maker projects, much of the initial launch of service for Jamera and Lauren has been preparing to make. For them, this has included acclimating to a new city: where to park, how to use the subway, and more encouragingly, where and how to acquire new maker skills. Both Lauren and Jamera are taking online classes and have become members of a local makerspace, Decatur Makers. In the upcoming month, Jamera will be working on developing STE(A)M Truck’s first preschool program, along with additional scheduled programming. Lauren will be focusing on grantwriting and resource creation – once the gala event is successfully complete, of course!







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