September at ReCreate in Roseville, CA marked Maker VISTA member Trina Lafata’s first month of service – and Maker VISTA member Shubha Arehalli’s second-to-last month of service. Shubha’s greatest challenge this month was organizing all of the documentation she had done over the past year and handing it off to Trina. That’s a ton of making to transfer and share! As in many maker collaborations, documentation and communication have been essential to this process.

Together, Shubha and Trina also spent the past month facilitating and supporting at a number of community events, including the Capital Airshow, where they partnered with Aerojet Rocketdyne to feature 3 STEAM-focused activities: a wind tunnel, zipline racers, and a foam rocket launcher. Trina and Shubha also assisted with the programming for 5 after-school enrichment programs at Roseville City School District, which featured activities including engineering mini-challenges, programming with Scratch, paper circuitry, and Makey Makey. Both ReCreate Maker VISTA members are currently in the process of planning and promoting ReCreate’s Halloween Family Maker Night, a fundraiser for ReCreate’s school and community programs, where participants will be able to try out STEAM activities including pumpkin catapults and an escape room!







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