Maker Ed Runs Education Stage at World Maker Faire, Announces Launch of Free Online Resource Library

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Maker Ed Runs Education Stage at World Maker Faire, Announces Launch of Free Online Resource Library

More Than 100,000 Educators Expected to Benefit from Newly Launched Library 

NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2014

The Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed) is thrilled to run the Education Stage at World Maker Faire in New York on September 20 and 21, where the organization will also announce the launch of its online Resource Library.

Maker Ed’s Education Stage will bring together educators from across the country to share their experiences and insights with the maker education community through more than 25 presentations, workshops, and networking sessions. Maker Ed’s work at World Maker Faire would not be possible without the generous support and volunteer efforts of Pearson and in kind support from Cognizant and Maker Media.

Interim Executive Director Lisa Regalla and Director of Education and Communications Steve Davee will present talks on the case for makerspaces and why making matters in education. The pair will also facilitate a session in which maker educators will share inspiring stories. Additional highlights from the program include a discussion on Open Portfolios, a presentation around hands on learning in higher education, and a session on how to start and run a maker club. To see the entire program for the Education Stage, please visit

Of the Education Stage at World Maker Faire, Regalla says, “The energy of Maker Faire is contagious, and Maker Ed recognizes the power of bringing educators together to connect, learn, and grow from each other during this inspirational event.”

In addition to curating the Education Stage at World Maker Faire, Maker Ed is excited to be announcing the launch of its free online Resource Library.

Made possible through the generous support of Intel Corporation, Maker Ed’s Resource Library is a dynamic and interactive digital archive intended to help educators and facilitators from all backgrounds get started –– and continue –– making in education.

Maker Ed announced its plans to create a Resource Library in conjunction with the White House Science Fair in May 2014. The initial launch of the Resource Library will include more than 90 resources in five categories. In future months, Maker Ed plans to launch additional categories, and will continue adding new resources based on user suggestions made through the organization’s growing Google+ Community.

Intel’s Director of Education and Maker Ed Board Member Carlos Contreras shares, “Among the maker education community, there has been great demand for the kind of content that Maker Ed’s Resource Library will provide. The launch of the Resource Library is a truly exciting development, and we anticipate thousands of educators will benefit from its content, and the interactive community that surrounds it.”

With the upcoming Education Stage and the launch of the Resource Library, Maker Ed is leading the way in supporting educators to be confident facilitators of making experiences, all with the goal of achieving the vision of “Every Child a Maker.”

Maker Ed

Maker Ed is a project of the Tides Center, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit public charity. Maker Ed’s mission is to create more opportunities for all young people to develop confidence, creativity, and spark an interest in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts, and learning as a whole through making. Maker Ed plays a national leadership role in developing a maker network of educators, youth serving organizations, statewide afterschool networks, corporations, foundations, and makers seeking to accelerate and deepen the maker movement.






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