Maker Ed Executive Director AnnMarie Thomas at TEDxTC: Making Makers

November 29, 2012 by Steve Davee

TEDx talks has just released this November 2011 TEDxTC talk by Maker Ed Executive Director, AnnMarie Thomas, given while she was a professor in the Engineering and Engineering Education programs at the University of St. Thomas.  During this time AnnMarie regularly interviewed a wide variety of makers, in order to help answer these questions, as she shares in her talk: “How are makers made? …How are the people who are great innovators and engineers, both today and in the past, how do they get there? Do they do things as kids that helped that path?”








2 responses to “Maker Ed Executive Director AnnMarie Thomas at TEDxTC: Making Makers”

  1. MauiJerry Avatar

    Very inspirational!! Great talk AnnMarie! Last bit about Paul McGill’s ROV is awesome. Thanks.

  2. Dvid Barlex Avatar
    Dvid Barlex

    The “One Screwdriver Per Child” Movement – brilliant strap line!

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