Maker Ed Celebrates Lights on Afterschool!


Today, more than 1 million kids, educators, families, and communities will come together at thousands of events around the country to raise awareness about the importance and value of learning experiences that take place outside the school day as part of the 15th annual Lights On Afterschool, organized by the Afterschool Alliance.

As an official Lights On partner, Maker Ed recognizes the importance of afterschool and summer programs in the lives of youth, and the kinds of meaningful, engaging, and fun learning that’s happening in schools, libraries, museums, and community-based organizations after the school day ends.

Lights On Afterschool events showcase program offerings and deepen ties between schools, community organizations, and informal learning institutions like science centers and museums.  If you’re looking to connect with afterschool programs, find a Lights On event near you and reach out!

If you’re doing making after school, we hope you’ll consider hosting your own event next year.  Lights On events are a way to show your support for the in-school and out-of-school partnerships that re-imagine what learning looks like today and where it takes place.






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