Maker Corps 2015 at Children’s Creativity Museum


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Maker Ed is thrilled to welcome Children’s Creativity Museum as a Maker Corps Host Site in 2015. For the third year of Maker Corps, Maker Ed will collaborate with more than forty organizations to host Maker Corps Members throughout the summer to bring maker activities and approaches to the communities that they serve.

Below is a glimpse into what Maker Corps will look like at Children’s Creativity Museum in the summer of 2015.  Click here to learn more about becoming a Maker Corps Member!

Children’s Creativity Museum & Maker Corps 2015

The Children’s Creativity Museum (CCM) is excited to host two Maker Corps Members this summer! Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, CCM is uniquely positioned to work with local community members as well as international visitors. Through our partnership with Maker Ed, two qualified Maker Corps Members will have the exciting opportunity to create and facilitate hands-on programming with children from all over the world.

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CCM is an interactive art and technology museum for children ages 2 to 12. Our goal is to develop creative confidence, defined as “The courage to take creative risks, and the knowledge that all of your ideas have value.” To accomplish this, our programs are built upon a process of “Imagine, Create, Share.” All of our programming, facilitation and exhibit spaces focus on guiding children away from passive media consumption; at CCM, we empower children to explore, create and produce for themselves!

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After training with the CCM team, the two chosen Maker Corps Members will work with museum educators to build original hands-on programming that focuses on creative expression and the “exploration of making.” By combining educational technologies such as the MaKey MaKey, Wonder Workshop’s Dash & Dot robotics, and Scratch/Tynker with other artistic practices such as painting and sculpting, this summer’s programming is sure to stoke children’s imaginations and creative problem-solving skills. Some of our favorite past projects include interactive musical paintings that mix recorded sounds, paper engineering, prototyping flying hovercrafts, and playing with squishy circuits. Maker Corps Members will also have the opportunity to assist with CCM’s two maker-focused summer camps: Intro to Programming and Maker Camp.

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Lindsay Balfour, the museum’s site supervisor for Maker Corps 2015, was formerly a Maker Corps Member at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA. At The Tech, Lindsay worked with a team to create new programs each week for “Makerspace @ The Tech.” She has continued on as a Veteran Maker Corps Member, and now serves as an Educator & Innovation/Tech Specialist at the Children’s Creativity Museum. Lindsay is devoted to teaching children how to express themselves using technology as a creative material in art, and spends much of her time at CCM designing workshops, facilitating the museum’s maker-based spaces, and leading innovation and coding field trip experiences. Lindsay will work closely with Members to ensure a fun, creative and high-quality experience.

CCM is looking for Maker Corps Members with an interest in STEAM learning and a passion for creativity. If you’re interested in developing interdisciplinary activities that cross over between science, technology, engineering, art, and math, apply to be a Maker Corps Member at CCM today!



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