Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, CA

by Aaron Vanderwerff

The Lighthouse Creativity Lab: Call for Makers

 The Lighthouse Creativity Lab is excited to be able to host two Maker Corps Members as we embark on our first summer making program.  We believe that it is important to bring making into the lives of our students because they develop creative confidence, a broader spectrum of careers to choose from, and passion for some aspect of making.


Lighthouse Community Charter School is a K-12 public school located in Oakland, CA.  Our school predominantly serves low-income students of color.  Our mission is to help all of our students to be successful at the college and career of their choice and we are proud to share that 95% of our graduates are admitted to four-year colleges.

Our Maker Corps Members will work with high school and middle school students.  Area students (grades 5-12) will be invited to participate in making activities throughout the summer including weekly themed activities and a drop in making center.  In addition, middle school students will be given the opportunity to participate in a more structured program, which will include academics and electives; making will be one of the electives students will engage in.

In addition, Maker Corps Members will document our summer work so that it can be shared with others.  The Lighthouse Creativity Lab is committed to documenting our practices throughout the year and sharing with educators who are interested in creating their own making programs.


The Lighthouse Creativity Lab is looking for Maker Corps Members who are excited to work with youth, eager to explore new aspects of making, and not afraid to try something new and possibly fail.  We are looking for candidates who are independent workers but will ask for help as it is needed.  Maker Corps Members will be provided with coaching from educators who have participated in making in education over the past four years and by working at Lighthouse will help effect change in many educational institutions through our outreach efforts.







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