Leonardo’s Basement Creativity Convention


October 18, 2012, by Steve Davee

Leonardo’s Basement is an innovative educational organization for children and their families, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They create imaginative learning environments where girls and boys ages 6 to 16 design and build their creative ideas, mixing art, science and technology.

Today was the first day of Leonardo’s Basement’s annual Creativity Convention for students, held during the days their teachers attend an October convention.



Tracy Nielsen, Leonardo’s Basement Program & Operations Manager, shared this during today’s Creativity Convention events, which continue tomorrow:

Twenty four students ages 6-14 are in the Minneapolis workshop today melting wax, building toothpick castles, sawing wood that will become race cars, doll beds, golf clubs and tennis ball launchers all of their own design!

It is clear from the pictures and description of today’s event that these are some very fortunate and creative students.

Tracy shares the following Leonardo’s Basement values and vision that help make the Creative Convention such a success:

· We value learning through doing.
· We encourage process over product, including the importance of risk taking.
· We respect all individuals and their potential to enrich the community.
· We recognize that children and adults learn from each other.
· We believe in the continuous development of our organization.
· We know everyone can be curious and creative.
Transform people to reinvent the world.

The Creativity Convention continues with an all day workshop tomorrow (9:30-3:00, with before and after care available) for students ages 6-16. Registration is online.

From all of us at Maker Ed: Many thanks to all the staff of Leonardo’s Basement for providing photos and information during such a full and busy day!


Wonderful concentration from a young Creativity Convention participant








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