Learning in the Making: Self-Love Headgear

Hats, tiaras, and crowns, oh my! One way people across cultures have displayed their love for themselves and their culture is headgear! From the Indigenous peoples of the Americas to the ancient pharaohs of Egypt to the royals in England to football teams with their helmets, people have designed special pieces to be worn on their heads to communicate and celebrate who they are. 

What do you love about yourself? How can you share what you love about yourself with the world around you?

What other types of headgear can you think of?

Follow along with the video above as Mario and Aáron reflect on what we absolutely love about ourselves and work to build headgear that displays that outwardly to the world. Learn more about Mario’s journey in this interview.

We are focusing on making with what you have around the house. To make your own self-love headgear, you will need: 

  • Corrugated cardboard: thick cardboard with layers like shipping boxes
  • Thin Cardboard like cereal boxes
  • Connection materials: tape, glue, putty, binder or paper clips, etc.
  • Tools: Scissors, Pens, Pencils, Markers, Paper
  • Measuring materials: long string or ribbon and ruler
  • Your whole self ^_^
  • Optional Embellishing materials: glitter, stickers, drawings

Download the project guides by clicking on the images below:

Thumbnail image of the Self-Love Headgear Project Guide (in English)
Project Guide in English
Thumbnail image of self-love headgear project guide (Spanish version)
Guía de proyecto en Español

Looking for additional inspiration? Check out these ideas:

We want to see your projects! After the livestream, we encourage you to post your self love headgear on Twitter or Instagram. Tag us @MakerEdOrg with #MakerEdAtHome and #SelfLoveHeadGear

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