Hive Learning Network NYC in the Young Makers Tent

September 27, 2012, By Lainie DeCoursy

Under one tent, you can remix t-shirts, create your own podcasts, make paper circuits, break
commercials, measure the air quality using your mobile device and meet a bunch of cool teen makers.
Explore, create and share with Hive Learning Network NYC in the Young Makers Tent!


Hive Learning Network NYC (aka Hive NYC) is a coalition of 40 non-profit organizations museums,
libraries, media and others—that work together to develop programs that promote interest-driven
learning and the creative use of digital media and technology for youth.


This weekend, educators and teens from more than ten Hive NYC member organizations will be running
activities that demonstrate the collaborative nature of the network and the innovative (mainly
afterschool) programs offered to youth across the city.


●Remix Fashion with Dream Yard
○Try some simple cut and tie techniques to upcycle t-shirts and give them a whole
new life!
●DIY Podcasts with WNYC’s Radio Rookies
○Gain some basic interviewing skills and record your own short interview.
●Collect, Construct, Change with New York Hall of Science
○Collect some environmental data on-site with cool, mobile Aircasting probes.
●Curiosity Machine: Flat Balls and Shrimp Catapults with Iridescent
○Build a 3D ball out of 2D parts, or a catapult inspired by mantis shrimp.
●Break a Commercial with The LAMP
○Go behind the scenes of how and why commercials are created, then ‘talk back’
to the big media messages telling you how to dress, what to eat and so much
●Sample U! a Living Remix Redux with WorldUP
○It’s an audio laboratory where you are the instrument! Use your voice and the
sounds around you to create an improvised song.
●Himalayan Fashion with Rubin Museum of Art
○Silkscreen and add embellishments to tote bags and clothing using Himalayan
designs, plus ake namka thread crosses to add to your designs!
●World’s Faire 2.0 with REV-
○Teens will demo an interactive mobile scavenger hunt they created that
investigates how the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs in Queens shaped the region’s
geography and future.


●Filmmaking Workshop with American Museum of Natural History and Reel Works
Teen Filmmaking
○Teens teaching teens how to shoot and edit video footage from the grounds at
Maker Faire.
●BOXES (Building Open Expandable Systems) with Parsons The New School for
○Make basic paper circuits, then transform them into sound and light boxes. “
●Books in the Digital Age with Brooklyn Public Library
○These aren’t your grandma’s book reviews – use picture, video and animation
apps and software to create book reviews and web comics.
●Maker Bingo and Youth-Made Legacy Projects with MOUSE Corps
○Pick up your Maker Bingo worksheet and enter to win prizes based on how many
activities and demos you participate in. May the best maker win!
●Become a Webmaker with Mozilla Thimble
○Make your own meme, create a web-based “how to,” remix websites and play in
the web arcade.


In 2011, Hive NYC won a Make Magazine Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon at Maker Faire,
so be sure to stop by and check us out! You can also follow along on Twitter
(@hivelearningnyc and #hivebuzz) or Facebook (









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