GEEKBUS in San Antonio, Texas

by Mark Barnettimage1

The San Antonio STEM connectory SASTEMIC is happy to announce that we will be continuing our Maker Camps this summer with support from the Maker Education Initiative and the Maker Corps. Last year we hosted 2 Maker Corps members in our pop-up makerspace and served over 250 students. This year we will have 2 Maker Corps members and we now have a mobile makerspace called the Geekbus that we will be taking to different locations around the San Antonio area.


The Geekbus was donated to SASTEMIC from Rackspace and Geekdom so that we can offer our STEM education programs to more students. The Geekbus provides several program tracks including: 3D Printing, Video Game Design, Robotics, Python Programming, and Renewable Energy Engineering.  We serve students from Kindergarten through 12th grade and focus on serving low-income areas.


This summer our Maker Corps members will be traveling with us to serve at locations in San Antonio such as Girls INC, the YMCA, the Boys & Girls Club and others. Maker Corps members will also be working with us to develop new activities and programs that will strengthen our STEM tracks.

Thanks to the generous support from Cognizant’s “Making the Future Initiative” our Maker Corps Members will be working with us to offer several Maker Camps for FREE to local students.


The Geekbus operates year-round and is operated by a staff of volunteers. We are funded through sponsorships, donations and grants and are currently using to raise money for afterschool programs. Check out our promotional video on our crowd funding page.


Maker Ed is super excited to welcome SASTEMIC’s Geekbus back as a  Maker Corps Host Site for 2014.  Applications for all Maker Corps Members will open Monday, February 3, and close on March 21.  Click here for more information, and to apply. – Nancy







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