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  • MakerEd Program Visioning Guide

    MakerEd Program Visioning Guide

    These visioning activities were created in collaboration with educators across the country during our Making Spaces program (2016-2022). This package is now available to all folx working to integrate hands-on, […]

  • The Makerspace Playbook

    The Makerspace Playbook

    Starting a makerspace can be daunting, whether it’s finding a facility and equipment, engaging community members, accessing funding, or dealing with liability, etc. The Makerspace Playbook aims to make it […]

    Maker Media and Maker Ed
  • Abolitionist Teaching and the Future of Our Schools

    Abolitionist Teaching and the Future of Our Schools

    This panel recording asks: “What would freedom look like in our schools? How can abolitionist educators make the most of this moment to fight for humane, liberatory, anti-racist schooling for […]

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