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  • MakerEd Program Visioning Guide

    MakerEd Program Visioning Guide

    These visioning activities were created in collaboration with educators across the country during our Making Spaces program (2016-2022). This package is now available to all folx working to integrate hands-on, […]

  • Cyber Arcade: Programming and Making with micro:bit

    Cyber Arcade: Programming and Making with micro:bit

    This curriculum is a fun and creative introduction to computer science and hands-on making for makers in elementary and middle school grade levels with little to no experience in programming […]

    Maker Ed
  • Girl Scouts: Get making with get moving!

    Girl Scouts: Get making with get moving!

    In this booklet, discover what the Maker Movement is and how it can bring exciting hands-on activities related to energy into the Girl Scouts Get Moving! Journey.

    Girl Scouts,Maker Ed
  • The Underrepresentation Curriculum Project

    The Underrepresentation Curriculum Project

    This flexible curriculum is designed to help students critically examine scientific fields and take action for equity, inclusion and justice.

    The Underrepresentation Curriculum Project
  • Scratch Creative Computing Curriculum

    Scratch Creative Computing Curriculum

    This Creative Computing Curriculum is a collection of ideas, strategies, and activities for an introductory creative computing experience using the Scratch programming language.

    Creative Computing Lab
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Curriculum

    Explore this inquiry-based curriculum from the Monterey Bay Aquarium that will engage your students with hands-on learning and supports Next Generation Science Standards through classroom or field experiences

    Monterrey Bay
  • d-loft STEM resources

    d-loft STEM resources STEM has produced a series of curriculum units that explore STEM through the lens of design thinking and a series of pressing global issues, including as water, energy, and […]

    d-loft STEM Learning