Drew Charter

In the past month, Maker VISTA member Khalil Pettway supported in coordinating and documenting two STEAM Career Days at Drew Charter School, one for the Junior and Senior Academy on October 27th, and one for the Elementary Academy on November 3rd. The goal of these STEAM Career Days is to expose Pre-K–12 students to the many careers related to STEAM fields. Presenters visit and share advice, shine light on pathways and partnerships from their experiences, and hopefully inspire the next generation of engineers, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators. This year, presenters included professionals from numerous Atlanta-area universities, CNN, community based organizations (big and small!), and even two former Maker VISTA members — Caitlan Cole and Greg Robbins — who themselves helped to launch the inaugural STEAM Career Days during their 2016-2017 service year.

To document these events, along with other maker-centered and project-based happenings on Drew’s campus, Khalil has devoted significant time and effort this month towards the school’s STEAM website. Khalil uploads, categorizes, labels, and updates hundred of photographs for the site, continuing to highlight and make the most of this powerful, compelling mode of sharing and shining light.

Lastly, this past month Khalil has also continued his ongoing training and support of teachers and students who are interested in learning more about Drew’s 3D printing STEAM trunk. These tutorials have led to an increasingly frequent and also exciting question:

  • How can I use or incorporate the 3D printer and Construction (or other) trunks together?







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