Ask a Maker Educator — Donna Sangwin Talks Creative Re-use

Donna Sangwin is Founder and Executive Director of ReCreate, a nonprofit organization based in Roseville, California that focuses on sustainable maker education.

“By diverting clean usable waste from local businesses and combining it with high-tech tools, ReCreate delivers hands-on, project-based learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  ReCreate empowers our region’s youth by helping students learn vital skills necessary to compete and lead the 21st century workforce.   Simultaneously, ReCreate diverts over 60 tons annually of materials no longer needed by regional businesses.”


Join Donna for Ask a Maker Educator on Wednesday 1/25 at 4:00 PST to discuss creative reuse and how you can build sustainability into your maker education practice. Share your questions for Donna on social media by tagging @MakerEdOrg, or join the conversation on Wednesday and ask your questions live!

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