Announcing the Launch of the Maker Ed Directory


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Last week, in conjunction with the White House Science Fair and in partnership with The Connectory, we announced our plans to launch a directory that would help families discover maker education opportunities in their area. Today, we are thrilled to share the launch of the Maker Ed Directory!

Hosted on our online Resource Library, the Maker Ed Directory showcases opportunities for youth and families to engage in maker education through events, programs, and organizations that provide maker experiences.

The Maker Ed Directory is powered by The Connectory, the largest and most comprehensive directory of STEM opportunities and programs. Through The Connectory’s provider portal, the Maker Ed Directory will also serve a platform for providers of maker education to promote their programs and find partners with whom to collaborate. If you are a provider and are interested in showcasing an opportunity on the Maker Ed Directory, click here to learn how to register and join the Connectory.

Managed by the team behind the National Girls Collaborative, in collaboration with Association of Science Technology Centers, Afterschool Alliance, Educational Development Center, Inc., Maker Education Initiative, the National Afterschool Association, and Zozude, The Connectory is made possible by the support from Time Warner Cable. The Maker Ed Directory is made possible by the generous support of Intel.







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