A summer of Making and Maker Corps at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA

By Bridget Rigby, Learning Director, The Tech Museum of Innovation

Summer is a great time for prototyping, learning, and making at The Tech!

TTMI-logo-rgbThe Tech’s Maker Corps members will lead Maker prototyping sessions throughout the summer. Find them in The Tech Studio tinkering with favorite Maker technologies, from MaKey MaKey that turns bananas into pianos or video game joysticks to Squishy Circuits that turns Play-Doh into colorful circuit-building tools. They’ll be innovating with many different Maker programs and technologies this summer, and inventing new ones as well.


The Tech Squishy Circuits Comp.007

The Tech provides hands-on support for Maker Corps members where needed during their program development process, and leaves plenty of room for them to innovate and learn from failures, to create a playful and profound learning experience not only for our museum guests, but for our Maker Corps members too!

K & L PaperEngineering

Maker Corps members will help create a shared vision for what we’ll do together this summer at The Tech, from developing and leading new MCM-driven Makerspace programs to getting involved with many of our innovative new programs, from Arduino to music/technology.

Here’s what our Maker Corps members Kenny & Lindsay did last summer at The Tech:


See blogposts for each week’s programs for more pictures & video, and the Maker Cookbook will be posted shortly for you to dig even deeper into their programs and program development process:


We look forward to designing the next iteration of Makerspace @ The Tech with you this summer!


How cool is Maker Corps? How life changing? Kenny (@MakerKenny) and Lindsay (@MaKeyLindsay), now extremely active Maker Corps Mentors,  share their experience and thoughts via Twitter:

Lindsay Maker Corps tweet


Maker Kenny twitter


Thanks Bridget, Lindsay and Kenny, for making Maker Corps so incredible for your visitors and everyone in the program- Steve



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